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Use a quality checklist to ensure quality is planned into your project. A lack of quality control makes it impossible to guarantee quality in your projects.

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Rest easy knowing that you have all of your bases covered! The purpose of well-planned and repeatable quality management is to ensure the delivery of products or services which are acceptable to the customer based on some agreed upon standard of quality.

Based on the project some checklists may differ but it is often advantageous to utilize a standard checklist when appropriate to achieve consistency. This project quality checklist template provides you with a starting point to developing your project specific quality checklist. Download Template. Has the quality management plan been reviewed by all stakeholders?

Do all stakeholders have access to the quality management plan? Is the quality management plan consistent with the rest of the overall project plan?

Have product quality metrics been established, reviewed, and agreed upon? Have process quality metrics been established, reviewed, and agreed upon? Do all metrics support a quality standard which is acceptable to the customer?

Do all metrics have agreed upon collection mechanisms? Do all metrics have an agreed upon collection frequency? Are all metrics clear, measurable, controllable, and reportable?

The QA Software Testing Checklists (Sample Checklists Included)

Does the project have an appropriate number of resources assigned for quality assurance and control? Has the project team established a repository for all quality documentation? Do all team members have access to the quality documentation repository? Have all appropriate team members been notified of their required participation in quality reviews?

Have quality responsibilities been assigned and documented and the applicable personnel notified? Have product and process quality standards been established, documented, and communicated? Have quality thresholds and limits been established, documented, and communicated?

Does the change control process accommodate project changes based on quality improvements? Has a project quality manager been assigned?Comment 0. Whether you work according to Lean, use Scrum or Kanban, need to test a new website or a liquid flow simulation tool, here is one common thing which can make your life easier: a checklist.

QA checklist is a to-do list for controlling accuracy of testing processes. All the operations consisting of several steps could gain an advantage of a QA list but iterative complex processes would definitely benefit the most.

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What is important is that there is a variety of tools for creating and integrating checklists. Here is an example of a solution which can help you create a Jira checklist some other options will be described later.

QA checklists can be structured according to the process type, testing methodology, or product category. Also, make sure that backup procedure is defined and all related processes are agreed. Even though the list might look obvious, it helps save time avoiding obtuse situations when you lack USB cable or subscription renewal. All above-mentioned points also could be subsections of one common software testing checklist. It will improve the process-running experience and, remember, it can be modified and updated any time you need.

The other way of creating software quality assurance checklist is itemizing all the testing steps for each product category. For example, a website QA checklist might look like this:. So, if you are still not a checklist fan, you should at least try it. There is a variety of tools for every possible type of need. The easiest way to start is Google Spreadsheet. It might be a good fit for small projects or for drafting and discussing your first checklists.

For more automated functionality you can also try simple checklist software like Todoist or Wunderlist, while a solution integrated with your issue tracking software will add efficiency to your workflows. Trello comes with embedded checklists, which support import of earlier created templates.

Various options, like markdown editor, Jira issue validations and operations with templates significantly improve your user experience.

5 Ways Quality Control Inspectors Use QC Checklists

If you prefer Redmine, there is also a plugin, which provides simple functionality and a history log. Over a million developers have joined DZone.

Let's be friends:. DZone 's Guide to. Never miss a bug by organizing a QA checklist for your software development project, and learn what that chceklist should include here. Free Resource. Like 3. Join the DZone community and get the full member experience.

qa sign off checklist

Join For Free. What is great about checklists is their versatility: You can use it at any testing stage and for any type of tasks You can take some structure and modify it according to your needs You can create own template and apply it for iterative processes You can make necessary adjustments any time you work on the related tasks.

Types of QA Checklists Sounds promising, but when and how do we create those superior checklists? Create a checklist for each stage of the software testing lifecycle: Requirement analysis — define stakeholders, testing areas and expected results, create requirement traceability matrix Test planning — prepare test plan and strategy, select tools, allocate resources and determine team roles Test case development — create test cases, automation scripts, generate test data Test environment setup.

Test Execution. Undoubtedly you have a comprehensive test plan and a bunch of test cases. Also, it will streamline progress tracking and understanding blockers, if there are any.

Test cycle closure. Include a list of documents which should be created, including metrics and reports.The ultimate goal in testing is proving that the system in question is ready and fit for purpose.

The official way to do this is via a formal process called a QA Sign off. What is a QA sign off? This declaration is recorded and referred to if required after testing has completed. This criteria is the agreed exit gate definition that governs when testing is complete.

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The answer is, yes. The exit criteria is typically listed as one of the main headings in the Test Plan, as well as the entry criteria.

So effectively, the QA sign off is the actual declaration of testing completion. And the criteria of this is typically documented in the Test Plan. The Test Entry criteria is effectively the list of requirements to govern when testing can start. Following on from what we discussed earlier, when I explained the different types of exit criteria. One other example of a QA sign off criteria item is:. For example it might be a test that focusses on a more cosmetic test, for example checking the labels on an e-commerce order form.

This sign off criteria definitely needs to be agreed upfront. And the document is signed off. The agreement of the criteria is a collaboration of team members.

The responsibility is a collaboration of all interested parties. And these parties usually will be the Business Analyst BAthe Test Manager if you were the test lead in this instance. And the Program manager or Project Manager. This is subjective, depending on where you work and how your company works. But effectively the most common way is in the form of an email that is sent out. And who this email goes to depends on your company. For example, it might go to the project manager, and it may come from the test manager.

This has to be very basic and simple, and get to the point.It is going to be about defects and also a few remaining topics that will mark the completion of the Test Execution phase of the STLC.

In the previous articlewhile Test Execution was going on, we encountered a situation where the expected result of the test case was not met. Also, we identified some unexpected behavior during Exploratory Testing. We obviously have to record them and track them to make sure that these deviations get handled and eventually fixed on the AUT. For information on how to handle defects via tools, try using the following links:.

We will now try to see how to log the defects we encountered in the previous article in an excel sheet. As always, choosing a standard format or template is important. This template can be expanded E.

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Defects are no good when we log them and keep them to ourselves. We will have to assign them in the right order to have the concerned teams act on them. The process — who to assign or what order to follow can also be found in the test plan document.

It is mostly similar to Click on image to enlarge. From the above process, it can be noted that bugs go through different people and different decisions in the process of being identified to fixed. For more information on all the statuses and their meanings, please refer to this Bug Life Cycle tutorial. This is pre-defined in the Test Plan document. It is simply in the form of the checklist that will determine whether we conclude the testing after cycle 2 or go for one more cycle.

It looks like, the below when filled out taking into consideration some hypothetical answers to the following questions concerning, OrangeHRM project:. When we look carefully at the above checklist, there are metrics and sign off mentioned there that we have not discussed earlier. Let us talk about them now. We have established that during the Test Execution phase, reports are sent out to all the other project team members to give a clear idea about what is happening in the QA Execution phase.

This information is important to everyone in order to get validation about the overall quality of the final product. Imagine I report that 10 test cases passed or test cases were executed- these numbers are merely raw data and do not give a very good perspective about how things are going on. Metrics play a vital role in filling this gap. Metrics are in simple words, intelligent numbers that the testing team collects and maintains.

There are different kinds of Metrics collected during the test execution phase. What metrics exactly are to be collected and maintained for what periods of time- this information can be found in the test plan document. Check out the Status Report attached to this article to see how these metrics are used. The test cases and their execution results are attached to the email.

Or mention the location where they are present. Or if using test management software, provide details regarding the same. The list of known issues is attached to the email too.

Again, any other references that make sense can be added. Thanks, QA team lead. We still have the UAT testing to finish for that to happen. Find more details about UAT testing here.These free checklist to do lists make it easy and satisfying to mark off tasks as you complete them. Contact us.

QA Signoff document/template

Privacy Policy. Subscribe to the Free Printable newsletter. No spam, ever! Subscribe Free! We're always adding new printables, and would love to hear your suggestions. What are we missing? Checklists These free checklist to do lists make it easy and satisfying to mark off tasks as you complete them. Click any To Do List to see a larger version and download it.

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qa sign off checklist

Honey Do List. Start a Habit List. Daily Divide List.I was looking for same. Now i found this which is very effective. The process may have been followed and thus you'd be ticking the right boxes, although the quality of the work, because of lack of skills on the QA side, may have been complete pile of rubbish. The new technology in the custom software application development, has received so much popularity.

STC Technologies. Tuesday, May 20, QA signoff for a software application. As a part of the QA job, we need to send a sign off document. Generally there is no any specific format for this, still I found a template for this.

This help me to do my job in a effective way.

qa sign off checklist

Radio Mini] Feature: Feture or module name [eg. PA core team Dev Team Members: Name of the developers who are involved in developing this feature or module. Vishal Sachan Proof of Compliance: list out all the documents which need to send for your proof.

Manual Web UI. Ran all possible test cases. Held open testing with team members. Finally it is done. I am signing off the feature RSS-Feed on the version alpha1. Hope this will help you. Anonymous May 20, at PM. Unknown August 16, at PM. Arpan April 17, at PM. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.Quality is the key factor when it comes to delivering the project after completion.

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The main purpose of using the quality checklist is to ensure that the desired level of quality has been ensured in the project. A project quality checklist provides complete assistance to project management team in ensuring that the required level of quality is being ensured. The quality checklist aids the project management team in delivering the project and goods to the customers that can maximise their satisfaction with the quality of the products.

There are different tools that are used in almost every organization to verify that all the quality-related considerations have been considered in planning, executing, monitoring and controlling phases of the project. The quality checklist is a professionally used document that is used to ensure the quality of everything performed by you. It contains series of things to be checked while working on a project. All these tasks can be checked as you complete them.

It plays a vital role in the development of your project. It is always considered as an appropriate approach to use the quality checklist to make sure that the project has consistency and has completed all the important phases successfully.

The tasks and activities given in the quality checklist may vary as they completely depend on the type and nature of the project. The template of quality checklist can be downloaded from here. This template is very versatile that enables every type of user to use it after customising it according to his own needs. File : Word. Business January 15, Kate. Product Delivery Checklist. Death Notice Templates.